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I have had a very positive experience with Contractors Downey. Through all of the remodeling projects that I have had with them, their contractors have had a high level of customer services and close attention to the details. The project managers engaged effectively with the design team to make sure the delivery of a quality product. Everyone worked diligently with everyone involved to make certain that the remodeling was done within budget, with quality and that it was finished on time. I strongly recommend Contractors Downey for your upcoming project.--Dennis G.

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House Bolting & Foundation Downey, CA

Foundation repair and bolting is a practice of fastening a house to its concrete foundation. The side-to-side and up-and-down movement of your house can harm an unbolted house. Our house bolting general Contractors Downey are highly trained in foundation bolting and also the bracing of impact walls by using structural-grade plywood that may provide greatest resistance to unwanted earthquake or even natural disaster. We keep your home secure with firm foundation bolting that will surely be a peace of mind.


We do measure along with correctly fastening the floor system down with the permitted framing anchor bolts; can make your property a more secure home in Downey in California. Regardless of whether you're in search of any of the following services, our professional group will be sent as soon as you give us a call for your house bolting requirements. We are Downey a based experienced house bolting contractors to meet all your foundation restore and replacement needs at a reasonable cost.

• Foundation Repair
• Foundation Replacement
• House Leveling
• House Bolting or Earthquake Retrofitting
• Underpinning
• Broken Slabs
• Caissons and Grade Beams.
• Retaining Walls
• Drainage
• Stucco & Drywall
• Helical Piles
• Re-roofing

We with confidence believe in offering affordable and satisfactory bolting services to our Downey clients. We believe in honesty, dedication and sincerity when dealing with customers. Make sure you call us for your bolting services. You may also explore the remainder of the site to find out further general contractors services and feel free to call us if you have any queries regarding the service and pricing.

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